Bill Ward - Ward One: Along the Way

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Album Overview

Ward One: Along the Way is the debut solo album from Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward. Originally released January 10, 1990, it features a wide array of guest musicians, including then-former Black Sabbath band member Ozzy Osbourne.


1(Mobile) Shooting Gallery
2Short Stories
3Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays)

Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne

4Pink Clouds An Island
5Light Up The Candles (Let There Be Peace Tonight)

Bass: Jack Bruce
Vocals: Jack Bruce

6Snakes And Ladders
7Jack's Land

Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne

8Living Naked
9Music For A Raw Nerve Ending
10Tall Stories

Bass: Jack Bruce
Vocals: Jack Bruce

12Along The Way

Cover Art Issue

As originally released, Ward One featured a cover art image with a white background and a "one man band" motif. Bill Ward has stated in interviews and on his website that this artwork was not intended to be the proper artwork, and was replaced for a reprint with a much more somber "black" cover. Shortly after the black cover was issued, the record label (Chameleon) went out of business, and as such, the black cover art, while being Bill's preferred, is much harder to come by than the white one. The cover image for the white version does remain in the black version, albeit as interior artwork.


  • Vocals - Bill Ward; Ozzy Osbourne- Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays) and Jack's Land; Lorraine Perry and Jack Bruce - Light Up the Candles (Let There Be Peace Tonight), Tall Stories; Rue Phillips - Snakes And Ladders
  • Drums - Bill Ward, Eric Singer, Leonice
  • Bass guitar - Marco Mendoza, Gordon Copley, Bob Daisley, Jack Bruce, Lee Faulkner
  • Guitar - Rue Phillips, Keith Lynch, Zakk Wylde, Malcolm Bruce, Lanny Cordola, Richard Ward
  • Keyboards - Mike Rodgers, Malcolm Bruce, Jimmy Yeager, Bill Ward


Producer: Peter Kelsey


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