Bon Jovi - This House Is Not for Sale

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Posted on Fri, 11/04/2016 - 8:51am
by Ron Wallace

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Album Overview

This House Is Not for Sale is the thirteenth studio album by American rock band Bon Jovi. The album was released on November 4, 2016, by Island Records. It is their first studio album without former lead guitarist Richie Sambora and the first album to feature the band's new lead guitarist Phil X and it is also the first album where bassist Hugh McDonald is credited as an official member after being an unofficial member in 1994.


1This House Is Not For Sale3:36
2Living With The Ghost4:44
4Labor Of Love5:03
5Born Again Tomorrow3:33
7New Year's Day4:27
8The Devil's In The Temple3:19
9Scars On This Guitar5:05
10God Bless This Mess3:23
12Come On Up To Our House4:35
International Deluxe Version Bonus Tracks
13Real Love4:34
14All Hail The King4:54
15We Don't Run3:16
16I Will Drive You Home4:42
17Goodnight New York3:53


On November 18, 2014, in an interview with Pierre Robert from WMMR-FM Radio, lead singer Jon Bon Jovi said he had started working on new songs for Bon Jovi's upcoming album. Jon explained: "I’m just starting, but I’ve got a few [songs]. And ’15 will be about recording and [in] ’16 I’ll put something out." He also confirmed that lead guitarist Richie Sambora left the band. He also said that the doors are wide open for him if he wants to return to the band, but he thinks that's impossible. Jon said: "I’d be hard-pressed to [allow him to return], so would David, so would Tico. It’d be a lot for us [to allow him back]. After a year and a half and you miss 80 shows … I don’t think that’s possible.” In the February 2015 issue of the People Magazine Jon said that around 12 songs were written and that the inspiration to write the songs came out of reading the newspapers. In April 2015 Jon signed a management deal with Irving Azoff, who will represent Bon Jovi in all areas.

On August 21, 2015 Bon Jovi released the album Burning Bridges; an album recorded especially for the fans and also to accompany the Bon Jovi Live! Asian concert tour. It includes songs that were never finished, songs that were finished but never released, and a couple of new songs. Jon said about the album: “It’s sort of a hint as to where we’re going musically”. With this album, the band also concluded their 32-year relationship with Mercury Records and its parent label Universal Music Group. The reasons for leaving the label are described in the last song on the album Burning Bridges. Jon said: "This hits it right in the head and tells you what happened. Listen to the lyrics because it explains exactly what happened. And that's that."

On September 30, 2015, in an interview for a, Jon confirmed that album is going to be called This House is Not for Sale describing the album as a "really going back to the beginning". Describing the album, he also said: "“This record is about our integrity. Integrity matters and we’re at a stage of our career where we don’t have anything left to prove. Some songs have a little more of the ‘chip on my shoulder’ sound which is OK for us to have right now." Lyrics on the album talk about difficulties Jon came across over 2014-2015. Jon explained: "A lot happened. Richie's sudden departure, my trying to buy the [Buffalo] Bills and now this with the label. I have a lot of material to write about. Believe me, the new record is good. It's pointed. It is something we are going to be very proud of in the spring when we put it out."

Release and Promotion

In March 2016, during a solo concert in Nashville, Jon confirmed that album is finished and that it's being mixed. He also confirmed that the album will be released in fall of 2016, and that the band will go on tour around February of 2017. Regarding the upcoming tour, Jon said: "Don't hold me to it. I don't want to read it on the Internet: 'Jon said February'. I think it just depends on everybody's health and well-being at that time". During the concert, he also confirmed that the band has returned to its longtime label Mercury Records saying that they "sobered up".

On May 25, 2016, Bon Jovi announced via social media and their website that the album was finished. Billboard reported that Bon Jovi had re-signed with Universal Music, with the album being released on Island Records. The title-track and its official music video were released on August 12, 2016. It was also announced that the album will be released on October 21, 2016. This album is also the first which features Hugh McDonald and Phil X becoming official members. On October 5, 2016 Jon Bon Jovi announced their upcoming 2017 tour This House is Not for Sale Tour on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On the same date it was announced that the release date has been pushed back from October 21 to November 4, 2016.


The album artwork features a black and white image by photographer Jerry Uelsmann and depicts a "proud, historic house anchored by deep roots". Jon Bon Jovi became inspired by the image when he saw it several years prior to the recording of the album. According to Jovi, it was the inspiration for the album's lead single, "This House is Not for Sale" and said of the image: "That picture told our story…now it’s our album cover".


"This House Is Not for Sale" was released as the album's lead single on August 12, 2016 and features a music video. On September 19, 2016 Bon Jovi revealed that they will film a music video for "New Year's Day".

Promotional Singles

"Knockout" was released as the first promotional single from the album on September 9, 2016. On September 23, 2016, "Labor of Love" was released as the second promotional single. "Born Again Tomorrow" was released as the album's third promotional single on October 7, 2016.


  • Jon Bon Jovi – lead vocals
  • David Bryan – keyboards, piano, pedal steel guitar, backing vocals
  • Tico Torres – drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Hugh McDonald – bass, backing vocals
  • Phil X – lead guitar, backing vocals

Additional Musicians

  • John Shanks – lead guitar, backing vocals (track 15)


Producer: Jon Bon Jovi
Producer: John Shanks


Some versions include either "Touch of Grey" or "Color Me In" as bonus tracks.