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Album Overview

Busted Stuff is the fifth album by Dave Matthews Band, released by RCA Records on July 16, 2002.

Nine of the eleven tracks on this album are re-recorded versions of songs that first appeared on 2000's abandoned project now known as The Lillywhite Sessions. "Where Are You Going" and "You Never Know" were not from those sessions, the former of which was the first single. It was also an Enhanced CD.


1Busted Stuff3:47
2Grey Street5:07
3Where Are You Going3:52
4You Never Know5:53
7Grace Is Gone4:38
8Kit Kat Jam3:34
9Digging A Ditch4:47
10Big Eyed Fish5:04


Work on the album began in January 2002 at Record Plant Studios in Sausalito, California. The band had been road testing much of the material from the failed Lillywhite Sessions and felt that these songs deserved a spot on the album. Matthews reworked many of the lyrics while the rest of the band continued to evolve the arrangements. Through the recording process, two new songs were created: "Where Are You Going" and "You Never Know".

This is the first album the band has recorded without any special guests.

Deleted Tracks

Songs that were recorded during the sessions, but weren't included on the final cut:

  • "JTR" - Previously recorded during the Lillywhite Sessions
  • "Sweet Up and Down" - Previously recorded during the Lillywhite Sessions
  • "Monkey Man" - Previously recorded during the Lillywhite Sessions
  • "Counting the Stars" – An early version of a song that merged with another piece of music to become "You Never Know"
  • "Save Me" - Later re-recorded for Dave Matthews' Some Devil
  • "Gravedigger" - Came out of a mini-jam the band tried and aborted. Later re-recorded for Dave Matthews' Some Devil

Bonus DVD

Busted Stuff came with a bonus DVD titled: Some Other Stuff. It featured two live performances from Boulder, Colorado on July 11, 2001. The two songs performed were "When the World Ends" and "Bartender". The "Bartender" 5.1 audio only track was also on this DVD and it is the only Dave Matthews Band studio recording available in true 5.1.


Dave Matthews Band

  • Carter Beauford – drums
  • Stefan Lessard – bass guitar, dobro, piano, Hammond organ
  • Dave Matthews – acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals
  • LeRoi Moore – saxophone, penny whistle, flute
  • Boyd Tinsley – electric violin


Producer — Stephen Harris
Engineer — John Nelson
Mixing — John Alagía
Mastering — Ted Jensen
Assistant — Jonathan Adler, Enrique Gonzalez Müller
Art direction — Danny Clinch, Catherine Dee, Thane Kerner
Artist relations — Pat McGuire
Photography — Danny Clinch
Assistant photographer — Gary Ashley
Design — Danny Clinch, Catherine Dee, Thane Kerner
Digital collage — Thane Kerner


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