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by Ron Wallace

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Album Overview

The Gorge is a collection of the songs played during Dave Matthews Band's three-night concert in 2002 at The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington. The album was released in a three-disc set featuring 2 CDs and a DVD with live footage, advanced multi-angle features, behind the scenes clips, and a music video. The DVD was directed by Fenton Williams of Filament Productions. The DVD was authored by Neil Matthews at Ascent Media in New York City. The entire three-night concert was also released online through the band's online store as an MP3 or FLAC download, or as a six-CD box set.


1-01Pantala Naga Pampa - Rapunzel7:50
1-02The Song That Jane Likes4:33
1-03Fool To Think4:19
1-04You Never Know7:13
1-07Everyday / #368:47
1-08Two Step19:01
2-01Drive In, Drive Out6:14
2-02The Space Between4:55
2-03Kit Kat Jam5:27
2-04Lie In Our Graves17:00
2-05Proudest Monkey8:49
DVD-1Grey Street
DVD-2Ants Marching
DVD-3Inside The Gorge (Documentary)
DVD-5Dancing Nancies
DVD-6What Would You Say
DVD-7Loving Wings - Where Are You Going
DVD-8Inside The Gorge (Featuring Gravedigger)
DVD-9Seek Up
DVD-11Tripping Billies
DVD-12Inside The Gorge (Making The Grace Is Gone Video)
DVD-13Grace Is Gone (Music Video)

Special Edition

The six-disc special edition features each song from all three nights. This release was only available from Musictoday.com's online store and was not sold in stores.


  • Carter Beauford – percussion, drums, backup vocals
  • Stefan Lessard – bass guitar
  • Dave Matthews – acoustic guitar (electric guitar on "What You Are"), vocals
  • LeRoi Moore – saxophones, backup vocals
  • Boyd Tinsley – electric violin, backup vocals

Additional musicians

  • Butch Taylor – keyboards


  • Doug Biro .... producer
  • Fenton Williams .... producer
  • Hugh Surratt .... producer
  • Jeff Richter .... producer
  • Gary Adcock .... screen graphics: tour
  • Dave Bell .... production assistant
  • Michael Caron .... stadium video: tour
  • Mo Hale .... stage manager: tour
  • Jim Hathaway .... tour security
  • Patrick Jordan .... project manager
  • Felix Kawamura .... opening title designer
  • Thane Kerner .... package art director
  • Thane Kerner .... package designer
  • Mike Lane .... engineer
  • Dean Lawrence .... tour manager
  • Malan McCubbin .... engineer in charge (as Malin MacCubin)
  • Andrew McHaddad .... communications
  • Ken McMillan .... production assistant
  • Anthony Miller .... head utility
  • Chris Mitchell .... engineer in charge
  • Terry O'Gara .... production assistant
  • Jonathan O'Keefe .... merchandiser: tour
  • Erik Porter .... violin/bass technician: tour
  • David Richard .... production assistant
  • David Saull .... horn technician: tour
  • Jod Soraci .... high definition color correction: Riot Colors
  • Greg Tannebring .... assistant communications
  • Geoffrey Trump .... tour accountant
  • Adam Warner .... production assistant
  • Angie Warner .... backstage coordinator: tour
  • Fenton Williams .... video director: tour


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