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ATCO Records


Album Overview

Another Scoop is a compilation album by Pete Townshend, and essentially a sequel to Scoop.


1-1You Better You Bet5:16
1-2Girl In A Suitcase3:22
1-3Brooklyn Kids4:45
1-4Pinball Wizard2:45
1-5Football Fugue3:25
1-6Happy Jack2:04
1-8Long Live Rock3:45
1-9Call Me Lightning2:12
1-10Holly Like Ivy2:51
1-11Begin The Beguine4:08

Written-By: Cole Porter

1-12Vicious Interlude0:30
1-13La La La Lies2:20
1-14Cat Snatch3:18
2-1Prelude #5561:16
2-2Baroque Ippanese2:24
2-3Praying The Game4:20
2-4Driftin' Blues3:12

Written-By: Charles Brown
Written-By: Eddie Williams
Written-By: Johnny Moore

2-6Pictures Of Lily2:50
2-7Don't Let Go The Coat2:56
2-8The Kids Are Alright2:54
2-9Prelude, The Right To Write1:32
2-10Never Ask Me4:20
2-11Ask Yourself4:30
2-12The Ferryman5:40
2-13The Shout3:43


Like Scoop released in 1983, Another Scoop features a multitude of demos, outtakes and unreleased material, many of which are songs by The Who. It was followed by Scoop 3 in 1994, the third and last Scoop collection. All three albums were 2-disc sets, and in 1995 a pared-down compilation of them all was released as Scooped. Remastered versions of the original albums were released in 2006.

Pete added liner notes to the release - "This is the second in a series of albums bringing together demo-tapes, home recordings and unreleased oddities produced during my career in and out of The Who.

I want to thank my friend Spike for her tireless energy raking through hundreds of hours of music to put together another interesting selection (she isn't even a Who fan!), and all the Who fans who've waited patiently while I garnered the courage to put it out. I also want to thank my friends at Atlantic records for making the space for me to release this record for collectors while I spend my time writing song for my next "serious" solo album."


July, 1986

The album is dedicated to the memory of Cliff Townshend.

Demo notes

You Better You Bet This is the reference mix I made straight after cutting the demo at my studio in Soho.

Format: 24-track, 30ips.

Instruments: The usual rock ensemble stuff. I used a Yamaha E70 home organ for the arpeggio synth track.

Venue: Eel Pie Studio, Soho, London (Engineer: Chris Ludwinski).

Date: March/April, 1980.

Girl In A Suitcase One of the songs submitted for and rejected from WHO BY NUMBERS. I suppose this is not really a typical 'Who' song at all, but it is about the road, groupies, inflatable women, etc. Most of all the rather crinkled family photographs we travelers all hand around.

Format: 16-track, 30ips.

Instruments: All acoustic except Fender bass.

Venue: Eel Pie Studios, Thames Valley, Berkshire (Engineer: Dick Hayes).

Date: 07 April 1975.

Brooklyn Kids I had a nasty vision one sunny afternoon - a beautiful girl walked past my studio window in a white dress, behind her walked a young black kid; hip and hungry. Their relative states of self-absorption produced the idea of the rape of a lonely girl by a lonely man. The piano demo was enhanced by a beautiful orchestral arrangement by Ted Astley (my father-in-law).

Format: 24-track, 30ips.

Instruments: Bosendorfer piano. Large string section. Woodwinds.

Venue: Piano and voice at home in Berkshire. Orchestra at Abbey Road, London (Engineer: John Kurlander, Executive Producer: Kit Lambert).

Date: September 1978.

Pinball Wizard A simple 2-track demo of the song I wrote towards the end of the recording of TOMMY. I wrote it to make sure Nik Cohn (who then reviewed for THE GUARDIAN) was kind to the album. Most of the demos for TOMMY were recorded very simply. I only had the early Revox G36 stereo recorders at the time - but when I had a good song it didn't matter. In reality it never does. I haven't played around recording for all these years just to sell songs; I've done it for fun and for myself.

Format: 2-track, 15ips.

Instruments: Gibson J-200 guitar and Gibson SG Special.

Venue: Home, Twickenham, London.

Date: Early 1969.

Football Fugue Ted Astley composed this track over which I wrote a lyric. It reminded me of an orchestral battlefield, with the musicians wearing big heavy boots. Hence the analogy with football hooliganism.

Format: 16-track, 15ips Dolby.

Instruments: Large string section. Percussion.

Venue: Olympic Studios, Barnes. (Engineer: Glyn Johns).

Date: September 1978.

Happy Jack A nonsense song; one of the first I recorded in my studio in Soho built for me by an Australian called Jamie Hawter. Where are you Jamie? You didn't charge me enough!

Format: Vortexion CBL tape machines. 7-1/2ips.

Instruments: Cello, guitar, various percussion effects.

Venue: Home, Wardour Street, Soho.

Date: 1966.


Arranged By [Orchestral Arrangement]: Ted Astley
Design [Sleeve]: Ian Wright
Engineer [Assistant]: Chris Ludwinski
Engineer [Assistant]: Roger Knapp
Engineer [Assistant]: Tony Phillips
Engineer, Remix, Mastered By: Bill Price
Producer: Pete Townshend
Producer: Spike (62)
Written-By: Pete Townshend
Written-By: Ted Astley


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