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Revisited Records


Album Overview

Anthology is a 2005 double compilation album of Pete Townshend's solo career. The album was originally released in Europe by SPV/Revisited Records on 10 October 2005. The US release by Hip-O Records were released on 15 November 2005 as part of the Gold album series, with alternate cover and reduced pricing but identical content.


1-1English Boy4:50
1-2Secondhand Love4:11
1-3A Little Is Enough4:42
1-4Heart To Hang Onto4:27
1-5Sheraton Gibson2:37
1-6The Sea Refuses No River5:52
1-7Brilliant Blues3:06
1-8Now And Then4:12
1-9I Won't Run Anymore4:01
1-10Keep Me Turning3:45
1-11Let My Love Open The Door2:44
1-12Slit Skirts5:02
1-13A Friend Is A Friend4:46
1-14Let's See Action6:22
1-15Street In The City6:07
1-16Empty Glass5:24
2-1Rough Boys4:01
2-2Give Blood5:45
2-3Exquisitely Bored3:42
2-4Jools And Jim2:36
2-5Crashing By Design3:17
2-6Don't Try To Make Me Real3:30
2-7Face To Face5:54
2-8Uniforms (Corp D'Esprit)3:42
2-9My Baby Gives It Away4:02
2-10Outlive The Dinosaur4:25
2-11Keep On Working3:23
2-12White City Fighting4:40
2-13All Shall Be Well4:12
2-14Time Is Passing3:27
2-15I Am Afraid4:25
2-17Pure And Easy5:32


Producer: Chris Thomas
Producer: Glyn Johns
Producer: Pete Townshend


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