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Album Overview

Play: The Videos is a compilation DVD of music videos by Peter Gabriel, released in 2004. The DVD contains remastered audio tracks of songs in DTS 5.1 (DTS 96 kHz/24-bit) andDolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. The new surround sound mixes were created by Daniel Lanois and Richard Chappell.


1Father, Son
3Blood Of Eden
4Games Without Frontiers
5I Don't Remember
6Big Time
8Red Rain
9In Your Eyes
10Don't Give Up
11The Barry Williams Show
12Washing Of The Water
14Kiss That Frog
15Mercy Street
16Growing Up
17Shaking The Tree
18Shock The Monkey
20The Drop
22Solsbury Hill
23Digging In The Dirt
DVD Extras
24Games Without Frontiers
25Modern Love (Original 1977 Music Video)
26The Nest That Sailed The Sky
27Trailer For Growing Up Live, A Family Portrait
28Trailer For Growing Up Live
29Trailer For Secret World Live

Special features

  • Video introductions
  • Programmable 18-track jukebox
  • "Games Without Frontiers": Live 2004
  • "Modern Love" (Peter Gabriel 1, Original 1977 music video)
  • "The Nest That Sailed the Sky"
  • Trailers: Family PortraitGrowing Up LiveSecret World Live


Backing Vocals: A.D. Chivers
Backing Vocals: Claudia Fontaine
Backing Vocals: Coral Gordon
Backing Vocals: David Rhodes
Backing Vocals: Dee Lewis
Backing Vocals: George Acogny
Backing Vocals: Helen McRobbie
Backing Vocals: Jerry Marotta
Backing Vocals: Jim Keer
Backing Vocals: Louise Marshall
Backing Vocals: Melanie Gabriel
Backing Vocals: Michael Been
Backing Vocals: P.P. Arnold
Backing Vocals: Peter Gabriel
Backing Vocals: Peter Hammill
Backing Vocals: Sally Larkin
Backing Vocals: Simon Clark
Backing Vocals: Tony Levin
Backing Vocals: Youssou N'Dour
Baritone Saxophone: Nick Lunt
Baritone Saxophone: Reggie Houston
Bass: Daniel Lanois
Bass: David Swift
Bass: Larry Klein
Bass: Nathan East
Bass: Simon Clark
Bass: Tony Levin
Bass Vocals: Ronnie Bright
Bass [Drumstick]: Jerry Marotta
Bass [Drumstick]: Tony Levin
Bass [Stick]: Tony Levin
Brass: The Black Dyke Band
Conductor [Brass]: James Watson
Congas: Djalma Correa
Cornet: Wayne Jackson
Cymbal [Finger]: Hossam Ramzy
Drum Programming [Linn Kick]: Jimmy Bralower
Drum Programming [Linn]: Peter Gabriel
Drum Programming [Mpc Groove]: Peter Gabriel
Drums: Allan Schwartzberg
Drums: Ged Lynch
Drums: Gilson Lavis
Drums: Jerry Marotta
Drums: Manu Katché
Drums: Stewart Copeland
Drums [Additional]: Jerry Marotta
Drums [Djembe]: Babacar Faye
Drums [Sabar]: The Babacar Faye Drummers
Effects [Screeches]: David Ferguson
Effects [Special Effects]: Bill Wright
Effects [Special Effects]: David Daniels
Effects [Special Effects]: Joe Castallano
Effects [Special Effects]: Michael Sullivan (11)
Effects [Special Effects]: Peter Wallach
Effects [Special Effects]: Rob Niosi
Effects [Special Effects]: Robert Lyons
Effects [Special Effects]: Spencer Cook
Effects [Special Effects]: Susan Pitt
Effects [Special Effects]: Tom McLaughlin
Effects [Tape Scratching]: Tchad Blake
Electronic Drums: Manu Katché
Flute [Doudouk]: Levon Minassian
Guitar: Daniel Lanois
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar: Habib Faye
Guitar: Leo Nocentelli
Guitar: Mark Flanagan
Guitar: Richard Evans
Guitar: Robert Fripp
Guitar: Steve Hunter
Guitar [12 String]: David Rhodes
Guitar [Backwards]: Tony Berg
Guitar [Bridge]: Gus Isidore
Guitar [Chorus Telecaster]: Peter Gabriel
Guitar [Epiphone]: Leo Nocentelli
Guitar [Solo]: David Rhodes
Guitar [Surf]: Daniel Lanois
Guitar [Surround Telecaster], Pedal Steel Guitar [Surround Pedal Steel]: Daniel Lanois
Guitar [Surround]: Daniel Lanois
Guitar [Telecaster]: Daniel Lanois
Harmonica: Peter Gabriel
Hihat: Daniel Lanois
Hihat: Stewart Copeland
Horns: Reggie Houston
Horns: Renard Poché
Horns: Tim Green
Keyboards: Jean-Claude Naimro
Keyboards: Jozef Chirowski
Keyboards: Peter Gabriel
Keyboards: Rachel Z
Keyboards [Bass]: Peter Gabriel
Keyboards [Sample]: Peter Gabriel
Lead Guitar: David Rhodes
Lead Vocals: Peter Gabriel
Mellotron: Peter Gabriel
Orchestrated By [Brass]: Elizabeth Purnell
Organ: Chris Holland
Organ: Daniel Lanois
Organ: Peter Gabriel
Organ: Simon Clark
Organ [Hammond]: Simon Clark
Pedal Steel Guitar: Daniel Lanois
Percussion: Daniel Lanois
Percussion: Ged Lynch
Percussion: George Acogny
Percussion: Gilson Lavis
Percussion: Jerry Marotta
Percussion: Jimmy Maelen
Percussion: Laurie Latham
Percussion: Manu Katché
Percussion: Peter Gabriel
Percussion [Additional]: Peter Gabriel
Percussion [Surround]: Daniel Lanois
Performer [New Intro Section]: Daniel Lanois
Piano: Jools Holland
Piano: Larry Fast
Piano: Peter Gabriel
Piano: Richard Tee
Piano: Simon Clark
Piano [Bosendorfer]: Peter Gabriel
Sampler [Akai S900]: Peter Gabriel
Sampler [Strings]: Peter Gabriel
Saxophone: Mark Rivera
Saxophone: Michael "Bami" Rose
Saxophone: Pete Long
Saxophone: Phil Todd
Saxophone: Phil Veacock
Saxophone [Processed]: Mark Rivera
Saxophone: Lisa Graham
Strings: Electra Strings
Strings [Reverse]: Peter Gabriel
Surdo: Djalma Correa
Surdo: Hossam Ramzy
Surdo: Peter Gabriel
Synthesizer: David Sanchez
Synthesizer: Larry Fast
Synthesizer: Larry Fast
Synthesizer: Peter Gabriel
Synthesizer [Bagpipes]: David Sanchez
Synthesizer [Bass]: Larry Fast
Synthesizer [Bass]: Peter Gabriel
Synthesizer [Cmi]: Peter Gabriel
Synthesizer [Cmi]: Simon Clark
Synthesizer [Cs80]: Peter Gabriel
Synthesizer [Cs80]: Simon Clark
Synthesizer [D50]: Peter Gabriel
Synthesizer [Fairlight]: George Acogny
Synthesizer [Prophet]: Larry Fast
Synthesizer [Prophet]: Peter Gabriel
Tabla: Hossam Ramzy
Talking Drum: Manu Katché
Talking Drum [Tama]: Assane Thiam
Tambourine: Daniel Lanois
Tambourine, Tambourine [Dufs]: Hossam Ramzy
Tenor Saxophone: Tim Green
Triangle: Djalma Correa
Triangle: Hossam Ramzy
Trombone: Alistair White
Trombone: Don Mikkelsen
Trombone: Renard Poché
Trombone: Rico Rodriguez
Trombone: Roger Goslyn
Trombone: Winston Rollins
Trumpet: Christian Lechevretel
Trumpet: Jason McDermid
Trumpet: Jon Scott
Trumpet: Wayne Jackson
Trumpet [First]: Guy Barker
Trumpet [Second]: John Barclay
Trumpet [Third]: Pete Beachill
Violin: Shankar
Violin [Double]: Shankar
Vocals: Ayub Ogada
Vocals: Daniel Lanois
Vocals: David Rhodes
Vocals: Jean-Claude Naimro
Vocals: Jools Holland
Vocals: Paula Cole
Vocals: Peter Gabriel
Vocals: Peter Hammill
Vocals: Richard Macphail
Vocals: Sam Brown
Vocals: Sinéad O'Connor
Vocals: Tony Levin
Vocals: Youssou N'Dour
Vocals [Guest]: Kate Bush
Vocals [Guest]: Youssou N'Dour
Voice: Peter Gabriel
Whistle: Hugh Padgham
Whistle: Peter Gabriel
Whistle: Steve Lillywhite


Animation: Bill Wright
Animation: The Brothers Quay
Animation: David Daniels
Animation: Joe Castallano
Animation: Michael Sullivan (11)
Animation: Nick Park
Animation: Peter Lord
Animation: Peter Wallach
Animation: Richard Goleszowski
Animation: Rob Niosi
Animation: Robert Lyons
Animation: Spencer Cook
Animation: Susan Pitt
Animation: Tom McLaughlin
Arranged By [Brass]: Elizabeth Purnell
Arranged By [Brass]: Peter Gabriel
Arranged By [Brass]: Will Gregory
Arranged By [Horns]: Daniel Lanois
Arranged By [Horns]: Peter Gabriel
Arranged By [Strings]: Jocelyn Pook
Arranged By [Strings]: Peter Gabriel
Assemblage [Assembled And Edited], Edited By: Lee Parry
Assemblage [Assembled And Edited], Edited By: Stefan Goodchild
Assemblage [Assembled And Edited], Edited By: York Tillyer
Cinematographer [Cinematography]: Bill Pope
Computer [Audioframe]: Peter Gabriel
Coordinator [Design Co-ordination]: Susie Millns
Crew [Assistant To Peter Gabriel]: Annie Parsons
Design [Dvd Design Encoding And Authoring]: Lee Parry
Design [Dvd Design Encoding And Authoring]: Stefan Goodchild
Design [Dvd Design Encoding And Authoring]: York Tillyer
Design [Packaging Design]: Marc Bessant
Design [Production Design]: Wayne Wright
Directed By [Video Editing And Assembly Under The Direction Of], Supervised By: York Tillyer
Director Of Photography: Anna Gabriel
Director Of Photography: Dean Russell
Edited By: Eric Spiegal
Engineer [Audio Systems Operator]: Richard Chappell
Engineer [Protools Synchronisation]: Ben Findlay
Engineer [Protools Synchronisation]: Bruno Ellingham
Engineer [Protools Synchronisation]: Dominic Monks
Engineer [Protools Synchronisation]: Marco Migliari
Engineer [Protools Synchronisation]: Matthew Cochrane
Executive-Producer [For Real World Productions Ltd.]: Mike Large
Executive-Producer [For Real World Productions Ltd.]: Peter Gabriel
Executive-Producer [For Warner Vision International]: Ray Still
Fiddle [Kementche]: Mahmoud Tabrizi-Zadeh
Film Director [A Film By]: Hamish Hamilton
Film Director [A Film By]: Peter Gabriel
Film Director [Directed By]: Anna Gabriel
Film Director [Directed By]: Brett Leonard
Film Director [Directed By]: Brian Grant
Film Director [Directed By]: Francois Girard
Film Director [Directed By]: Francois Vogel
Film Director [Directed By]: Glenn Marshall
Film Director [Directed By]: Godley & Creme
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Film Director [Directed By]: Sean Penn
Film Director [Directed By]: Stefan Roloff
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Film Director [Directed By]: York Tillyer
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Film Producer [Produced By]: Eric Fellner
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Film Producer [Produced By]: Lizzie Agnew
Film Producer [Produced By]: Nadine Marsh-Edwards
Film Producer [Produced By]: Prudence Fenton
Film Producer [Produced By]: Robert Warr
Film Producer [Produced By]: Scott Millaney
Lighting [Lighting Camera]: David Sproxton
Liner Notes [Booklet Notes - 8 September 2004]: Peter Gabriel
Loops [Treated Loops]: Richard Chappell
Mastered By: Tony Cousins
Mastered By [Interface Audio]: Ben Findlay
Mixed By [5.1 Surround Sound]: Ben Findlay
Mixed By [5.1 Surround Sound]: Daniel Lanois
Mixed By [5.1 Surround Sound]: Paul Grady
Mixed By [5.1 Surround Sound]: Richard Chappell
Mixed By [5.1 Surround Sound]: Tchad Blake
Mixed By [Bridge Section]: Richard Chappell
Mixed By [Interface Audio]: Dominic Monks
Mixed By [Interface Audio]: Richard Chappell
Mixed By [Interface Audio]: Stefan Goodchild
Mixed By [New Stereo Mix]: Richard Chappell
Mixed By [Stereo Mix - Help]: Danny Heaps
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Ben Findlay
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Brian Christian
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Daniel Lanois
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Dave Harris
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: David Bottrill
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Hugh Padgham
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Jim Frank
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Julian Mendelsohn
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Keith Grant
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Kevin Killen
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Paul Grady
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Peter Gabriel
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Richard Blair
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Richard Chappell
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Richard Evans
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Robert Hrycyna
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Robert Stasiak
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Rod O'Brien
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Tchad Blake
Mixed By [Stereo Mix]: Tom Lord-Alge
Other [Production Company]: Aardman Animation
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Other [Production Company]: Real World Productions Ltd.
Photography By [Additional]: Armando Gallo
Photography By [Additional]: Arnold Newman
Photography By [Additional]: Charlie Murphy
Photography By [Additional]: Stephen Lovell-Davis
Photography By [Additional]: York Tillyer
Producer: Bob Ezrin
Producer: Daniel Lanois
Producer: David Bottrill
Producer: David Lord
Producer: George Acogny
Producer: Laurie Latham
Producer: Peter Gabriel
Producer: Peter Walsh
Producer: Stephen Hague
Producer: Steve Lillywhite
Producer [Additional]: Steve Osborne
Programmed By: David Bottrill
Programmed By: Larry Fast
Programmed By: Peter Gabriel
Programmed By: Richard Blair
Programmed By: Richard Chappell
Programmed By [Additional]: Alex Swift
Programmed By [Additional]: Pete Davis
Programmed By [Additional]: Richard Blair
Programmed By [Fairlight]: Roger "Bunny" Bolton
Programmed By [Linn]: Chris Hughes
Programmed By [Linn]: Peter Gabriel
Sequenced By: George Acogny
Tracking By [Groove Treatment]: Tchad Blake
Tracking By [Jamman Swamp]: Peter Gabriel
Tracking By [Treatments]: Richard Evans
Written-By: Peter Gabriel


DVD sleeve comes within a slipcase. Comes with a color booklet. DVD Extras: -Programmable 18 track jukebox -Video Introductions -"Games Without Frontiers" Live 2004 -"Modern Love" original 1977 music video -"The Nest That Sailed The Sky" -Trailer for "Growing Up Live, A Family Portrait" -Trailer for "Growing Up Live" -Trailer for "Secret World Live" Approximate running time: 141 minutes Picture Format: 4:3/16:9 Colour Disc Format: DVD-9 Audio: Dolby Digital & DTS 96 kHz/24-bit 5.1 Surround Sound Mastered at Metropolis. Published by Real World Music Ltd. This DVD-Video compilation (C) 2004 Peter Gabriel Ltd. and Real World Productions Ltd. 1 - Original version from the album OVO released 12 June 2000. 2, 6, 8 to 10, 15 - From the album So released 19 May 1986. 3, 19, 23 - From the album Us released 28 September 1992. 4 - From the album Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt) released 30 May 1980. Features extracts from the films "Active Site", "Spiral" and "Grid" by Michael Rovner and the original video for "Games Without Frontiers" by David Mallet with additional video material by York Tillyer, Dan Blore, Marc Bessant and extracts from the films "Duck And Cover", "My Japan", "Human Grace" and "Live And Let Live" from Prelinger Archive Library. 5 - Originally released on the album Plays Live released 9 July 1983. 7 - From the album The Philadelphia Movie Soundtrack released 21 February 1993. 9 - Features extracts from the films "Connection V" and "Together" by Michal Rovner, an original video by Graham Dean and Peter Gabriel and Yungchen Lhamo's "Happiness Is..." music video directed by Michael Coulson with new video material by York Tillyer and extracts from the films "Design For Dreaming" and "America For Me" from Prelinger Archive Library. 11, 16, 20 - From the album Up released 23 September 2002. 12 - Originally released in 2003 on the album Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra "Jock O The Green - Small World Big Band Friends 3". Features an extract from "Floodlight" a film by Clare Langan with additional video material by York Tillyer, Artbeats Film Library and from Peter Gabriel's "Home Movies". 13 - Released in 1987 for the film "Cry Freedom". From a live performance at Cleveland Blossom Amphitheatre 27 July 1987. 14 - This version from the album Secret World Live released 1994. 17 - Originally released on the album Shaking The Tree (16 Golden Greats) released December 1990. 18 - From the album Peter Gabriel 4 (Security) released 10 September 1982. 21 - From the original film "Lunch" by Stefan Roloff. From the album Passion released 5 June 1989. 22 - Features extracts from the 1990 video by Graham Dean, Peter Gabriel and Jerry Chatter and the 1977 video by Peter Campus and Peter Gabriel with excerpts from the film "Cabbages" by David Stewart and Wesley West and from Peter Gabriel's "Home Movies" with additional video material by York Tillyer. 24 - Archive material by kind permission of: Real World Productions Ltd., EMI Records Ltd., Virgin Records Ltd., ITN Archive / Granada Visuals, Peter Gabriel Ltd., Larry Fast, Tony Levin, Richard Chappell and York Tillyer. 25 - From the forthcoming film of the Peter Gabriel 2004 European Summer Festival Tour. From the DVD "Growing Up Live" released 4 November 2003. 26 - From the album Peter Gabriel 1 (Car) released 28 February 1977. 27 - From the album OVO released 12 June 2000. 29 - Released on DVD 2003. 30 - A Real World Film Released on DVD 2003.



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