Timothy B. Schmit - Playin' It Cool

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by Ron Wallace

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Album Overview

Playin' It Cool is the debut studio solo album by Timothy B. Schmit, the bass guitarist and co-lead vocalist for the Eagles. The album was released in 1984 on Asylum in the United States and Europe. The album features guest appearances from Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Steve Lukather, Carl Wilson, J.D. Souther, and Rita Coolidge.


1Playin' It Cool5:36
2Lonely Girl3:59
3So Much In Love2:16
4Something's Wrong4:09
6Wrong Number2:39
7Take A Good Look Around You3:21
8Tell Me What You Dream4:47
9Gimme Some Money4:40

Critical Reception

Reviewing for AllMusic, critic Rob Theakston wrote of the album "The production on several of these tunes sound antiquated in comparison to the super glossed production of the mid eighties; almost reminiscent of Schmit's tunes in the Eagles. It certainly doesn't help matters that many of his Southern California compadres (Henley, Carl Wilson, Joe Walsh and JD Souther) make guest appearances, leading to the notion that Playin' It Cool is an album that was several years in the making. It's not the worst of Eagles solo records, but it is certainly nowhere near the best either."


  • Timothy B. Schmit - Lead vocals, bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals

Additional Musicians

  • Joe Walsh - Guitars
  • Steve Lukather - Guitars
  • Josh Leo - Bass guitar, guitars, percussion, backing vocals
  • Bob Glaub - Bass guitar
  • Don Henley - Drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Jeff Porcaro - Drums, percussion
  • John "J.R." Robinson - Drums
  • Craig Krampf - Drums
  • Harry Stinson - Drums
  • David Paich - Keyboards, percussion
  • Vince Melamed - Keyboards
  • David Patch - Keyboards
  • Mike Utley - Organ
  • Stephen "Steve" Allen - Saxophone
  • Greg Smith - Saxophone
  • William "Bill" Bergman - Saxophone
  • Jim Coile - Saxophone
  • Keith Knudsen - Percussion, tambourine
  • Jean Cromie - Spoken word, backing vocals
  • Carole Damien - Spoken word, backing vocals
  • Debra Dobkin - Spoken word, backing vocals
  • Joan Kreiss - Spoken word, backing vocals
  • Jeddrah Schmit - Spoken word, backing vocals
  • Rita Coolidge - Backing vocals
  • Sam Clayton - Backing vocals
  • Max Gronenthal - Backing vocals
  • Jay Harris - Backing vocals
  • Renee LaRose - Backing vocals
  • David Lasley - Backing vocals
  • Lindah Lauderbough - Backing vocals
  • J.D. Souther - Backing vocals
  • Carl Wilson - Backing vocals


Producer: Josh Leo
Producer: Timothy B. Schmit
Recorded By, Mixed By: Niko Bolas


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