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Album Overview

The Wild Heart is the second studio album by the American singer-songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks. Recording began in late 1982, shortly after the end of Fleetwood Mac's Mirage Tour. After the death of her best friend, Robin Anderson, and with new appreciation for her life and career, the recording took only a few months and was released on June 10, 1983, a year after Fleetwood Mac's Mirage. It peaked at #5 on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts (for seven consecutive weeks) and achieved platinum status on September 12, 1983. The album has sold over 2 million copies in the US alone, and has sold approximately 250,000 copies in the US since 1991 according to Nielsen Soundscan.

The album is notable for its array of prominent guest musicians. Tom Petty made a return to write "I Will Run to You", on which his bandmates from the Heartbreakers performed. Nicks' Fleetwood Mac bandmate, drummer Mick Fleetwood, made an appearance on the track "Sable on Blond". Toto's Steve Lukather contributed some of the guitar work on what would become the album's biggest hit single, "Stand Back", which also features an uncredited contribution from Prince, who played the synthesizer track. Nicks also worked with friend Sandy Stewart, who wrote the music for three tracks on the album and performed on several (Stewart would go on to write the 1987 Fleetwood Mac hit "Seven Wonders"). The album's final track, "Beauty And The Beast", features a full string section. Nicks had recorded various other tracks prior to the album's release, including "Violet And Blue" which was featured on the movie soundtrack for Against All Odds, and later on Nicks' 3-disc retrospective box set Enchanted in 1998.

The Wild Heart achieved double-platinum status in 1993, ten years after its release, for selling more than 2 million copies in the U.S. It spent a whole year on the Billboard 200 from June 1983 to June 1984. It was also certified Silver in the UK for sales in excess of 60,000. Three singles were released from the album: "Stand Back", which charted at number 5; "If Anyone Falls", which charted at number 14; and "Nightbird", which charted at number 33. "Stand Back" and "If Anyone Falls" featured accompanying videos that went into heavy rotation on MTV. "Nightbird", a track that Nicks has said was her favorite on the album, was performed live on Solid Gold and Saturday Night Live.


1Wild Heart6:08

Bass: Roger Tausz
Drums, Percussion: Brad Smith
Guitar: David Monday
Guitar: Dean Parks
Synthesizer: Sandy Stewart
Written-By: Stevie Nicks

2If Anyone Falls4:07

Backing Vocals [Additional]: Carolyn Brooks
Bass: Bob Glaub
Drums: Russ Kunkel
Guitar: Waddy Wachtel
Percussion: Bobbye Hall
Synthesizer: Roy Bittan
Written-By: Sandy Stewart
Written-By: Stevie Nicks

3Gate And Garden4:05

Drums, Percussion: Brad Smith
Guitar: David Monday
Guitar: Waddy Wachtel
Keyboards, Synthesizer: Sandy Stewart
Organ: Benmont Tench
Written-By: Stevie Nicks


Bass: Bob Glaub
Drums: Russ Kunkel
Guitar: Waddy Wachtel
Organ: Benmont Tench
Percussion: Bobbye Hall
Piano: Roy Bittan
Written-By: Stevie Nicks


Backing Vocals [Additional]: Sandy Stewart
Bass: Kenny Edwards
Drums: Marvin Caruso
Drums [Overdubs]: Chet McCracken
Guitar: Waddy Wachtel
Organ: Benmont Tench
Piano: David Foster
Synthesizer, Piano [Solo], Vocals: Sandy Stewart
Written-By: Sandy Stewart
Written-By: Stevie Nicks

6Stand Back4:18

Drums: Marvin Caruso
Drums [Overdubs]: Russ Kunkel
Guitar: David Williams
Guitar: Steve Lukather
Guitar: Waddy Wachtel
Percussion: Bobbye Hall
Percussion: Ian Wallace
Programmed By [Obx-a], Drum Programming [Dmx Drum Machine]: David Bluefield
Synthesizer: Sandy Stewart
Written-By: Stevie Nicks

7I Will Run To You3:21

Bass: Howie Epstein
Drums: Stan Lynch
Guitar: Mike Campbell
Guitar: Tom Petty
Keyboards: Benmont Tench
Vocals: Tom Petty
Written-By: Tom Petty

8Nothing Ever Changes4:09

Bass: Bob Glaub
Drums: Russ Kunkel
Guitar: Don Felder
Percussion: Bobbye Hall
Piano: Roy Bittan
Saxophone: Phil Kenzie
Synthesizer: Sandy Stewart
Written-By: Sandy Stewart
Written-By: Stevie Nicks

9Sable On Blond4:13

Bass: Kenny Edwards
Drums: Mick Fleetwood
Guitar: Waddy Wachtel
Piano: Roy Bittan
Synthesizer: Sandy Stewart
Written-By: Stevie Nicks

10Beauty And The Beast6:02

Arranged By [Strings]: Kenneth Whitfield
Arranged By [Strings]: Paul Buckmaster
Backing Vocals [Additional]: Carolyn Brooks
Bass: John Beal
Cello: Fred Zlotkin
Cello: Jesse Levy
Cello: Jonathan Abramowitz
Cello: Seymour Barab
Conductor [Strings]: Paul Buckmaster
Harp: Gene Bianco
Piano: Roy Bittan
Viola: Harry Zaratzian
Viola: Jesse Levine
Viola: Julien Barber
Viola: Theodore Israel
Violin: Harry Cykman
Violin: Harry Glickman
Violin: Herbert Sorkin
Violin: John Pintavalle
Violin: Lewis Eley
Violin: Marvin Morgenstern
Violin: Matthew Raimondi
Violin: Max Ellen
Violin: Paul Gershman
Violin: Paul Winter
Violin: Peter Dimitriades
Violin: Raymond Kunicki
Violin: Regis Iandiorio
Violin: Ruth Waterman
Written-By: Stevie Nicks


Nicks went on a national tour in support of The Wild Heart. After headlining the massive US Festival on May 30 in San Bernardino, California, the tour officially started in Knoxville, Tennessee on June 21, 1983 and ended in Ames, Iowa on November 20, 1983.

Tour Setlist:

  • Gold Dust Woman
  • Outside The Rain
  • Dreams
  • Gold And Braid (see notes below)
  • I Need To Know
  • Sara
  • Angel (see notes below)
  • Enchanted (see notes below)
  • If Anyone Falls
  • Leather And Lace
  • Stand Back
  • Beauty And The Beast
  • Gypsy
  • How Still My Love
  • I Will Run To You (see notes below)
  • Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
  • Edge Of Seventeen


  • Rhiannon

Additional Notes:

  • "Enchanted" was performed only in East Rutherford, NJ on June 24, 1983
  • "Angel" and "Gold And Braid" were only performed on the opening night at the US Festival
  • "I Will Run To You" was performed at Radio City with Tom Petty

Tour Dates:

  • May 30 - San Bernardino, California, Devore Park/US Festival II
  • June 21 - Knoxville, Tennessee, Civic Coliseum
  • June 23 - Norfolk, Virginia, The Scope
  • June 24 - East Rutherford, New Jersey, Meadowlands Arena
  • June 27 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Spectrum
  • June 28 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Civic Arena
  • July 2 - Buffalo, New York, War Memorial
  • July 3 - Hartford, Connecticut, Hartford Civic Center
  • July 6 - Worcester, Massachusetts, Centrum
  • July 7 - Landover, Maryland, Capitol Center
  • July 10 - Greensboro, North Carolina, Coliseum
  • July 11 - Atlanta, Georgia, The Omni
  • July 14 - Kansas City, Missouri, Kemper Arena
  • July 15 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, Met Center
  • July 17 - Chicago, Illinois Rosemont, Horizon
  • July 18 - Chicago, Illinois Rosemont, Horizon
  • July 19 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada CNE, Bandshell
  • July 21 - Cuyahaga Falls, Ohio Blossom, Music Center
  • July 22 - Cuyahaga Falls, Ohio Blossom, Music Center
  • July 23 - Detroit, Michigan, Joe Louis Arena
  • July 26 - St. Louis, Missouri, Checkerdome
  • July 27 - Indianapolis, Indiana, Market Square Arena
  • July 30 - Alpine Valley, Wisconsin, Music Theatre
  • July 31 - Cincinnati, Ohio, Riverfront Coliseum
  • August 31 - Austin, Texas
  • September 5 - Dallas, Texas, Reunion Arena
  • September 9 - Bristol, Rhode Island,Colt State Park
  • September 12 - New York, Radio City Music Hall
  • September 13 - New York, Radio City Music Hall
  • September 17 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Myriad
  • September 24 - Irvine, California, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre
  • September 25 - Tempe, Arizona, Compton Terrace
  • October 2 - Los Angeles, California, Inglewood Forum
  • October 4 - Oakland, California, Oakland Coliseum
  • October 21 - Columbia, South Carolina, Carolina Coliseum
  • October 22 - Columbia, South Carolina, Carolina Coliseum
  • October 25 - Charleston, West Virginia, Charleston Civic Center
  • October 26 - Roanoke, Virginia, Roanoke Civic Center
  • October 29 - Tuscaloosa, Alabama, University of Alabama
  • October 30 - Jackson, Mississippi, Mississippi Coliseum
  • November 2 - Jacksonville, Florida, Memorial Coliseum
  • November 4 - Lakeland, Florida, Lakeland Civic Center
  • November 5 - Miami, Florida, Sportatorium
  • November 8 - Columbia, Missouri, University of Missouri
  • November 9 - Starkville, Mississippi, Mississippi State University
  • November 12 - Tulsa, Oklahoma, Assembly Center
  • November 13 - Little Rock, Arkansas, T.H. Barton Coliseum
  • November 16 - Madison, Wisconsin, Dane County Arena
  • November 19 - Iowa City, Iowa, University of Iowa
  • November 20 - Ames, Iowa, Iowa State University


Main Performers

  • Stevie Nicks – vocals
  • Sharon Celani – backing vocals
  • Lori Perry – backing vocals

Guest Musicians

  • Sandy Stewart – keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals, piano (tracks 1, 3, 5-6, 8-9)
  • Tom Petty – guitar, vocals (track 7)
  • Mike Campbell – guitar (track 7)
  • Benmont Tench – organ, keyboards (tracks 3-5, 7)
  • Howie Epstein – bass (track 7)
  • Stan Lynch – drums (track 7)
  • Mick Fleetwood – drums (track 9)
  • Steve Lukather – guitar (track 6)
  • Don Felder – guitar (track 8)
  • Prince – synthesizer on "Stand Back" (uncredited)

Session Musicians

  • David Monday – guitar (tracks 1, 3)
  • Dean Parks – guitar (track 1)
  • Waddy Wachtel – guitar (tracks 2-6, 9)
  • David Williams – guitar (track 6)
  • Roger Tausz – bass (track 1)
  • Bob Glaub – bass (tracks 2, 4, 8)
  • Kenny Edwards – bass (tracks 5, 9)
  • John Beal - bass (track 10)
  • Roy Bittan – synthesizer, piano (tracks 2, 4, 8-9)
  • David Foster – piano (track 5)
  • Brad Smith – drums, percussion (tracks 1, 3)
  • Russ Kunkel – drums, drum overdubs (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8)
  • Bobbye Hall – percussion (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8)
  • Chet McCracken – drum overdubs (track 5)
  • Marvin Caruso – drums (tracks 5-6)
  • Ian Wallace – percussion (track 6)
  • David Bluefield - OB-Xa programming, DMX drum machine (track 6)
  • Phil Kenzie – saxophone (track 8)
  • Carolyn Brooks - background vocals (tracks 2, 10)

String section on "Beauty And The Beast"

  • Kenneth Whitfield - string arrangement
  • Paul Buckmaster - string arrangement
  • Gene Bianco – harp
  • Jesse Levine – viola
  • Julien Barber – viola
  • Theodore Israel – viola
  • Harry Zaratzian – viola
  • Jesse Levy – cello
  • Frederick Zlotkin – cello
  • Seymour Barab – cello
  • Jon Abramowitz – cello
  • Marvin Morgenstern – violin
  • Herbert Sorkin – violin
  • John Pintavalle – violin
  • Max Ellen – violin
  • Regis Eandiorio – violin
  • Harry Glickman – violin
  • Peter Dimitriades – violin
  • Paul Winter – violin
  • Matthew Raimondi – violin
  • Harry Cykman – violin
  • Raymond Kunicki – violin
  • Lewis Eley – violin
  • Ruth Waterman – violin
  • Paul Gershman – violin


  • Production: Jimmy Iovine, Gordon Perry and Tom Petty
  • Recording and engineering: Greg Edwards & Shelly Yakus
  • Assistant engineering: Josh Abbey, David Bianco, Michael Brooks, Bobby Cohen, John Curcio, Bill Freesh, Pete Kudas, John Smith, Julian Stoll
  • Mixing: Greg Edwards, Lori Perry & Shelly Yakus
  • Masterering: Stephen Marcussen
  • Photography: Herbert W. Worthington


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