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Craig Jones also known as 133 (or 133 MHz), The Silent One, The Killer, or by his number #5, is an American musician, best known as the keyboardist of the band Slipknot.



Jones was born in Des Moines, Iowa. He previously played in various local extreme metal bands, including Modifidious, before joining Slipknot in February 1996. He was the replacement for the band's original guitarist, Donnie Steele, who left during the recording of their first songs, put together into a demo called Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. Because the band was almost completed with the demo, he did not contribute to it, but he did receive credit for its sleeve concept and graphics in the liner notes. Before the year was over, Jones had been replaced by guitarist Mick Thomson, and he began to assume his role as the band's keyboardist, including synthesizers and sampler modules to play back bits of recorded media. Of Slipknot's nine members, Craig was the fourth to join the band.


Jones is the only member of the band who is not interviewed completely unmasked on Voliminal: Inside the Nine. While he does not wear a mask during the interview, his face remains pixelated. He speaks for two seconds at the start of their video Welcome to Our Neighborhood, where he says "133, number 5, sampling". He also speaks once during the member introduction on the Ozzfest 1999 documentary called We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll, where he says "Craig, number 5, sampling", and again during a live show in Birmingham, UK, where Jones is convinced by Corey Taylor to speak during a performance of Only One. Jones once suffered from whiplash after an extended case of powerful headbanging. He gave himself the nickname (133) because at the time 133MHz was the fastest computer around, and the nickname stuck. He also got the nickname "The KIller" because he stated, "If I was not in Slipknot, I'd probably be out killing people." The song "Killers Are Quiet" was based off Craig Jones.

Jones rarely speaks to the media, but did do an interview with Cakewalk. On Nine: The Making of All Hope Is Gone, the DVD that comes with the special edition of All Hope Is Gone, Craig is the only member of the band to have his face censored while everyone else appears with their face clear and uncensored. The only time he was seen by the media without his mask and no pixelation was during the press conference concerning the death of Paul Gray.

Jones is a smoker and has broken the law to smoke inside venues along with other members of Slipknot, even when this was subject to a significant fine.



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Craig Jones


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Des Moines, Iowa

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