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Posted on Tue, 10/14/2014 - 11:46am
by John MacMillan

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There have been many bands that could be called “historic.” Many that have made their mark on the world of music. Few, however, have done so to such an extent and in so short a time as The Beatles. Their time together was  relatively short compared to many other greats, but they became one of the most influential bands in rock and roll history. The Four Lads from Liverpool took the world by storm in the 1960s—first England, then the United States, and finally the rest of the world. The Beatles consisted of John Lennon on guitars, vocals, harmonica, piano, and occasional bass; Paul McCartney on bass, guitar, piano, and vocals; George Harrison on guitars and vocals; and Ringo Starr on drums and occasional vocals. They were all from Liverpool, England.

Although The Beatles were only together for 10 years and they toured for less than half of those years, they have sold more records than any other band in history. They have had more Number 1 singles than anyone, as well as the most Number 1 singles in a calendar year (six in 1964 and five in 1965). At one time, The Beatles held the top five positions on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in America. They also had the most Number 1 albums (19), the most consecutive Number 1 albums (8), and the most cumulative weeks at Number 1 on the American album chart (132) (twice as many as Elvis Presley, who comes in second). Their chemistry was perfect, although sometimes volatile, and they created high-quality music with a heart and soul. 1969 Beatles were a very different band than the 1963 group. Their sound was unique. It was ideal. It was perfect. It influenced every other band during that time and has probably influenced every band since then. There will never be another band like them


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