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Musical career

Shaffer first took up guitar as part of rehabilitation when he severed the tip of one of his fingers on the chain of his three-wheeler. He has since performed with several bands.

Korn (1993–present)

February 22, 2005, Brian Welch left the band. Munky accepted his friend's choice and the two remained on good terms. When drummer David Silveria left the band, Munky said in an interview that he had a strong friendship with him and was very sad to hear that he had to leave.

On an interview about Brian Welch's departure, Munky said he felt pressure, because they were always working together, writing songs, and creating albums. But when Head left, he had to write all the guitar parts into one part, so Korn could play live, and he continued to play like that until Korn got a backing guitarist. Brian "Head" Welch officially returned to the band on May 2, 2013 to work on a new album to be released in October.

Fear and the Nervous System (2008–present)

On March 4, 2008, it was announced that Munky would be releasing a solo record on August 8, 2008 with his solo band Fear and The Nervous System which would feature Munky doing vocals and guitar, Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion (who also performed on Korn's 8th album) on drums, Leopold Ross on guitar and programming, Bill Gould of Faith No More fame, and Zac Baird (Korn's keyboardist) on keyboards and programming. The record will be produced by Munky and Ross Robinson. Guitarist and friend Wes Borland originally recorded guitars for two songs on the album but they will not make the final cut. Borland also created cover art which will still be used. The band's debut album was originally due out August 8 but has been pushed back as the album has yet to be completed.

Recently on Modlife in October 2009 (Korn.com), Munky had explained that he would not be doing vocals on the new Fear and the Nervous System album because he's not "very good at singing". It was later announced that Steve Krolikowski of Repeater would be handling vocal duties.

Emotional Syphon Recordings (2006 to present)

In 2006 Shaffer founded Emotional Syphon Records to give daring and diverse bands a chance to be heard. The first bands to be signed were Droid and Monster In The Machine, however Shaffer says he doesn't want to limit himself to only releasing metal acts but to create a multi-genre label.

Personal life

Shaffer started to date the Albanian-American actress and model, Evis Xheneti in 2005. They were married on January 2, 2012, in Paris, France. They have a son named D'Angelo DraXon Shaffer (born on November 7, 2012).


Shaffer predominantly uses Ibanez guitars, most often his signature model the Ibanez Apex 7-string model and Mesa Boogie & Diezel guitar amplifier. Like Brian did before leaving the band in 2005, he uses many pedals and effects to shape the distinct Korn sound. Munky describes his live pedal board as a "spaceship" because of the large, diverse quantity of effects he uses.


With L.A.P.D.

  • 1989 – Love and Peace, Dude
  • 1991 – Who's Laughing Now
  • 1997 – L.A.P.D (Compilation)

With Korn

  • 1994 – Korn
  • 1996 – Life Is Peachy
  • 1998 – Follow the Leader
  • 1999 – Issues
  • 2002 – Untouchables
  • 2003 – Take a Look in the Mirror
  • 2005 – See You on the Other Side
  • 2007 – Untitled album
  • 2010 – Korn III: Remember Who You Are
  • 2011 – The Path of Totality
  • 2013 – The Paradigm Shift

With Fear and the Nervous System

  • 2011 – Fear and the Nervous System





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