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Early life

Bryce Soderberg was born in Victoria, British Columbia, and raised just outside of Victoria in the Municipality of Sooke. He started playing bass at a young age and developed his musicianship mostly in his basement with his two brothers and their band. He graduated from St. Michaels University School then after attending two years of College in Quebec, Canada, he moved to Los Angeles, California when he was 19 to pursue a professional career in music. In 2002, he joined Elektra recording artists AM Radio, under the management of Rivers Cuomo. After Elektra Records folded, AM Radio disbanded. During this time, as a vocalist/songwriter he performed with The Celebrities, and Tomorrow And Everyday After. In August 2004, Soderberg joined Lifehouse after a recommendation from former member Sean Woolstenhulme.


After joining, Soderberg and his bandmates toured and released the self-titled Lifehouse, the band's third album. Their single "You and Me" was #1 on American adult contemporary (AC) and Hot AC formats. Between touring, Lifehouse released their fourth album, Who We Are, on June 19, 2007, and their fifth Album, "Smoke And Mirrors" in March, 2010. Soderberg sings lead and co-wrote the track "Wrecking Ball" on Smoke and Mirrors.

Soderberg plays Rickenbacker and Fender basses through Ampeg SVT Classic Heads and 8x10 cabs.

He also performs as the lead vocals for the song "Bridges" on some live performances. On the band's fifth album, Smoke & Mirrors, he performs the lead vocals on the song "Wrecking Ball" and shares lead vocals duties on the song "Here Tomorrow, Gone Today".


Along with members Pelle Hillstrom, Kris Persson and Neil Tiemann, Soderberg has an alternative side project based in Los Angeles called KOMOX in which he is the frontman. They launched a Pledgemusic campaign as of September 2014 and plan on releasing their debut record December 2014.



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