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Ament has cited The Who, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Kiss, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash, and Black Flag among his influences. In an interview, Ament stated:

I have to be able to feel the bass. I've worked hard with our producers to make sure that when you play our records on your stereo, you can feel the bass. You might not necessarily be able to hear it all the time, but if you turn it up you can feel the movement in the low end—that it's moving the song. And when it's not there, it should be creating a dynamic.

Ament makes a major songwriting contribution to Pearl Jam. He wrote the music for one of the band's biggest hits, "Jeremy", as well as "Nothingman" (from Vitalogy). His contributions to Pearl Jam's songs have not been limited to music with Ament having written the lyrics for the Yield songs "Pilate" and "Low Light", the Binaural songs "Gods' Dice" and "Nothing as It Seems", "Help Help" (from Riot Act), "Other Side" (from the "Save You" single), and "Sweet Lew" (from Lost Dogs). As well as bass contributions, Ament has often provided backing vocals and has played guitar on two of the Pearl Jam songs he had written musically: "Smile" (from No Code) and "Bee Girl" (from Lost Dogs). He performs lead vocal duties on "Sweet Lew" and also on the Ramones cover "I Just Want To Have Something To Do".

Early 2011, Ament endorsed luthier Mike Lull, and a signature model was produced, which is available in 4 different colours.

Personal life

Ament currently lives in Seattle, Washington and Missoula, Montana. Aside from music, Ament's interests include skateboarding, basketball, graphic design, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. He was a fan and season ticket holder of the NBA's Seattle SuperSonics. Ament assisted in financing the construction of Missoula's Mobash Skatepark. He and his partner Pandora Andre-Beatty climbed Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro in support of Save the Children.

Ament is a supporter of organic farming and United States Senator Jon Tester. Tester grew up near Big Sandy and Ament knew of Tester before either were famous. Ament campaigned for Tester in 2006.

In April 2009, Ament was attacked at knifepoint by a gang of muggers. According to Rolling Stone, Ament had just pulled up outside the Southern Tracks recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, when his rented jeep was attacked by several men, who smashed the vehicle's windows and demanded money. The magazine also reported that Ament was knocked to the ground while trying to escape the robbers. He sustained a head injury and was treated at the scene. His Blackberry and passport, as well as a sum of cash, were stolen.



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