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Three Fish

Ament had a side project band named Three Fish, which he formed in 1994 with Robbi Robb of Tribe After Tribe and Richard Stuverud of the Fastbacks. Three Fish released two albums, Three Fish (1996) and The Quiet Table (1999).

Mirror Ball

Ament performed with other members of Pearl Jam on Neil Young's 1995 album, Mirror Ball, and subsequently took part in an eleven-date tour in Europe as part of Young's backing band. This tour proved very successful with Young's manager Elliot Roberts calling it "One of the greatest tours we ever had in our whole lives."


On September 16, 2008, Ament released his first solo album, Tone, through Monkeywrench Records. The album features ten songs written over a span of 12 years. The album's songs feature a raw, experimental sound. 3,000 copies of Tone were pressed and were distributed through independent record stores across the United States as well as through Pearl Jam's official website. The album has also been made available as a digital download via Pearl Jam's official website for US$4.99.

Tres Mts.

On January 24, 2011 Ament announced on Pearl Jam's official website his side project with dUg Pinnick of King's X and Richard Stuverud of the Fastbacks. The band's official Facebook page announced a March 2011 release of their album, Three Mountains, through Monkeywrench Records.


In 2012, Ament started another band with singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur and drummer Richard Stuverud.

Other Work

Ament had a brief acting cameo in the 1992 movie, Singles, along with Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. He appeared as himself, playing bass in lead actor Matt Dillon's backing band, Citizen Dick. Most of Matt Dillon's wardrobe in the movie actually belonged to Ament. During the making of the film Ament produced a list of song titles for the fictional band. Chris Cornell took it as a challenge to write songs for the film using those titles, and "Spoonman" was one of them. The title of "Spoonman" is credited to Ament in the liner notes for Soundgarden's 1994 album, Superunknown. Ament was also interviewed for the 2001 skateboarding documentary, Dogtown and Z-Boys.

With his brother Barry, Ament founded Ames Bros., an art production company that produces tour posters and album artwork for many bands, including Pearl Jam.

Ament is credited with the opening music for Mayne Street, a webisodic comedy series airing on ESPN.com, starring Kenny Mayne.



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