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Alecia Moore was born on September 8, 1979, in Abington, Pennsylvania, to Judith (née Kugel), a nurse, and Jim Moore, a Vietnam veteran. Her father is Catholic and her mother is Jewish. Pink has ancestors who emigrated from Ireland, Germany, and Lithuania. Although a healthy baby at birth, she quickly developed asthma that plagued her through her early years. Pink grew up in Doylestown, where she attended Kutz Elementary School, Lenape Middle School, and Central Bucks High School West. Her father played guitar and sang songs, thus inspiring Pink from an early age to be a pop star. She was also a gymnast for eight years; she stated in an interview that her first dream was to be an Olympic gymnast.

When she was just a toddler, her parents began having marital problems, and before she was ten her parents had divorced.

Pink developed her voice early in life. In high school, Pink joined her first band, Middleground, but it disbanded upon losing a battle of the bands competition. As a teenager, she wrote lyrics as an outlet for her feelings, and her mother commented, "Her initial writings were always very introspective. Some of it was very black, and very deep, almost worrisome."

She began performing in Philadelphia clubs when she was 14. She adopted her stagename, "Pink", around this time. She had had that nickname for quite some time by that point, and initially it had been "a mean thing". Pink has said, "I was extreme. I went through phases from skateboarder, to hip-hopper, to rave child, to lead singer in a band. I did it all, and all at the same time." At 14, she was convinced to audition to become a member of the all-female group Basic Instinct, and earned a spot in the lineup. Ultimately, the group disbanded without releasing any material. At 16, Pink and two other teenage girls, Stephanie Galligan and Chrissy Conway, formed the R&B group Choice. A copy of their first song, "Key to My Heart", was sent to LaFace Records in Atlanta, Georgia, where L.A. Reid overheard it and arranged for the group to fly there so he could see them perform. After that, he signed them to a record deal. Since the three girls were under 18 at the time, their parents had to cosign the contract. The group relocated to Atlanta and recorded an album, which was never released, and "Key to My Heart" appeared on the soundtrack to the 1996 film Kazaam. During a Christmas party, Reid gave Pink an ultimatum: go solo or go home. Choice disbanded in 1998.



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